Toronto Metropolitan University, 2020

Featured in the promotions of the INTRO 2020 fashion show

Photography by Nabra Badr

Running wild captures the idea of pace. The motifs and references on this jacket is a visual interpretation of the cultures I grew up in- a beautiful, bold and chaotic story of survival.

Through design, I was able to create a bold look that references this survival by capturing pace in my fabric choices. Vertical elongated pitch-black rib cuffs meet a hot air balloon shaped cotton sleeve to create a noticeable difference in volume and create movement. This low high movement gradually gives way to a wild tactile V-neck fur bodice.

The Atoghu/Toghu fabric used on the sleeve originates from the North West region of Cameroon. This fabric was originally worn by royalty and has a distinct lizard, gung and intertwined line motif.