Prudence Mekongue is a mid-contemporary Cameroonian-Canadian brand that offers fashion. We focus on manufacturing eco-friendly timeless pieces infused with African heritage and diasporan experiences while constantly seeking for ways to reimagine fashion and create positive impacts in our communities. Through design, she explores history and cultures, intending to capture our attention and prompt further research. 

Founded in 2022 after her graduation with a BSc in Fashion Design from Toronto Metropolitan University. The brand aspires to become a leading African-diasporan premium sustainable luxury brand for women, men and kids.

Prudence Mekongue has won several awards including Black Fashion Student Association Award (2020) and the Theo Cokkinos Memorial Award 2021, Toronto Metropolitan University, Winner of the National Fur Design Competition (2021), Nominee for the Canadian Fashion and Arts Award (CAFA) by Toronto Metropolitan University (2022).

She has also curated two exhibitions including Town Crier, Bimbia, The Door Of No Return,  Assembly Gallery, Image Arts Building October 19 - November 11 2022, Town Crier collection, AFROFEST 2022 Toronto 8 July – 10 July 2022.